Wow! I went a whole entire year without posting anything! I think I am going to start blogging again, I'm not sure if I still have any if my followers but I guess I can restart obtaining them again :), I actually miss you guys and I think I need to just express myself on here as let all my feelings go from time to time lol, well in 2013 I actually did a detox diet it was actually a year ago I started it on feb 2013 it lasted 21 days and I went vegan for those 21 days. I lost about 10lbs I have been able to keep those lbs off I actually reached my weight goal I now weigh 113 lbs I started this blog weighing 126lbs! I haven't seen does digits on my scale in a while and I'm happy to say I am proud I have not gained them back, I have kept myself I check with what I eat and with my exercising :) I feel good. There is so much to catch up with, lol I am no longer engaged it's sad yes but we broke it off, it's a long story I'm sure no one cares haha but I am over it now and I have a new bf and things are good, still very new but it's awesome I do know him for 15yrs though , crazy story I'll probably post it later If anyone cares to read it, :) so please if there are any of my old followers still out there leave me a comment let me know how you are doing! :)

xoxo 💋

New Goal!

My new goal is to look like this by november!!

Before and After Results

These are my results, I am currently doing Asylum, I started today, we'll see what I will look like at the end of the 30 days!!! :) I reached my goal weight, I am currently 110 lbs! :)

Weightloss Success

so after struggling so much trying to be healthy and fit I finally did something right, I am still trying to reach my goal of getting abs, but i'm not too far from them and this makes me what to push harder, check out  my success video!!

Let me help you reach your goals!!!! :) message me, email me how ever you would like to contact me



Shakeology Ingredient changings!

It has finally happened!

Athletes can now safely drink Shakeology because Suma Root will no longer be part of the Shakeology ingredients…
Both Blue Green Algae and Suma Root have been removed from Chocolate Shakeology, Greenberry Shakeology, and Tropical Strawberry Shakeology.
Beachbody had the following to say about the removal of Blue Green Algae and Suma Root from the Shakeology formula:
“As you know, we’re constantly looking for ways to make Shakeology even better—and help even more people achieve their goals and live healthy, fulfilling lives.
To that end, we’ll be removing TWO ingredients from the Chocolate and Greenberry formulas to satisfy our standards of excellence and improve your reach—blue-green algae and suma root. Read below to find out why and rest assured, both Chocolate and Greenberry will be just as delicious as always.”
Please note: Neither blue-green algae nor suma root can be found in the Tropical Strawberry formula, so no changes there! You’ll be able to spot the changes by looking at the list of ingredients on the back of one of your next shipments. If suma root and blue-green algae are not listed, then you received an updated bag.

Blue-Green Algae Removed from Supergreens Blend in Chocolate Shakeology and Greenberry Shakeology

Due to future concerns about the ability to source blue-green algae in a way that ensures its purity, it is being removed from all Shakeology formulations.
Additionally, while blue-green algae is a widely recognized dietary supplement ingredient in the United States, many countries around the world are still evaluating its status for supplement and food use.
Because of our intention to make Shakeology available in Canada and other countries worldwide, the removal of blue-green algae from the formula will allow us to more easily register Shakeology for sale in these other markets.
It’s important to note that similar health benefits derived from blue-green algae are also found in various other nutrients in our formula such as spirulina, as well as the other supergreens and grasses which contain protein, vitamins, and minerals for energy, digestive, cognitive, immune, anti-aging, and mood support.

Suma Root Removed from the Adaptogen Herb Blend in Chocolate Shakeology and Greenberry Shakeology

The World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) and the National Football League (NFL) updated their list of nationally banned substances to encompass a group of all-natural phyto-chemical compounds known as ecdysteroids, found in various plants around the globe, including suma root.
Because current drug-screening technologies are unable to differentiate between natural, healthy substances and synthetic banned substances, the ecdysterone found in suma root could result in a false positive test reading.
With the growing popularity of Shakeology amongst high performance athletes, the military, and other customer groups subject to testing, we have chosen to exclude suma root from all Shakeology formulations.

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Go Go Vegan!: Healthy Vegan Chocolate Truffles: Can chocolate be healthy? If ever there was a healthy chocolate dessert, this vegan chocolate truffle recipe is probably it. Based on alm...

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