Wow! I went a whole entire year without posting anything! I think I am going to start blogging again, I'm not sure if I still have any if my followers but I guess I can restart obtaining them again :), I actually miss you guys and I think I need to just express myself on here as let all my feelings go from time to time lol, well in 2013 I actually did a detox diet it was actually a year ago I started it on feb 2013 it lasted 21 days and I went vegan for those 21 days. I lost about 10lbs I have been able to keep those lbs off I actually reached my weight goal I now weigh 113 lbs I started this blog weighing 126lbs! I haven't seen does digits on my scale in a while and I'm happy to say I am proud I have not gained them back, I have kept myself I check with what I eat and with my exercising :) I feel good. There is so much to catch up with, lol I am no longer engaged it's sad yes but we broke it off, it's a long story I'm sure no one cares haha but I am over it now and I have a new bf and things are good, still very new but it's awesome I do know him for 15yrs though , crazy story I'll probably post it later If anyone cares to read it, :) so please if there are any of my old followers still out there leave me a comment let me know how you are doing! :)

xoxo 💋

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